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Top Tips - advantages and disadvantages of home shopping catalogues

Online catalogue shopping has become extremely popular in the last decade and it only looks likely to increase. The main reason behind it seems to be the simple convenience of being able to buy a huge variety of products from one retailer and do it all from the comfort of your living room.

Other advantages associated with shopping online through catalogues include:

  • Large variety of products including fashion, homeware, electronics and gifts
  • Free delivery and fair returns policy
  • Credit options
  • Ability to shop from home

As mentioned earlier, the main advantage for most is the ease with which you can buy a large range of products from home. The other incentive is that the majority of shopping catalogues offer personal accounts with credit plans, allowing their customers to buy now and pay later or spread the cost on whatever they purchase.

Catalogue shopping on finance gives many of us the freedom to buy what we need immediately without having to wait until we have the money. This makes catalogue credit accounts ideal when your washing machine or fridge freezer has just packed in. It also comes in handy for Christmas shopping as paying monthly with a catalogue for all your kids presents eases the burden significantly.

Whilst the pros of shopping through a catalogue are plentiful, there are also a few drawbacks that need to be considered before you start shopping.

Firstly, and mainly, is the credit side of catalogue shopping. Whilst finance plans are seen as a bonus, knowing how to manage and pay back what you borrow is paramount otherwise you risk falling into debt. As such, only borrowing what you know you can afford to repay is an essential part of shopping with a credit catalogue.

Some customers might also find themselves getting refused a credit account, and in such cases they may turn to catalogues for bad credit or those that boast no credit checks. The problem with these is that they tend to charge even higher interest rates than regular catalogues.

Whilst some catalogues offer an interest free period, many do not. So, before signing up for a credit account, make sure you read the terms and conditions and fully understand exactly how much you'll be paying in total.

Another downside is that many products you buy from a catalogue tend to be at slightly inflated prices so it's important to shop around and compare against other stores.

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