What Are Tablets on Finance?

In simple terms, purchasing a tablet on finance is where the company will borrow money on your behalf via a financial partner and the customer will then make weekly or monthly repayment until the full amount is paid.

You will essentially be paying back their loan, although, you will never see the money which they have taken out, you will just receive the product.

To purchase a tablet on finance, you must be able to afford the monthly fees, which will be stated in the contract. The monthly fees are only payable by the person whose name the contract is placed in.

However, if you wish to help someone with their payments, you can do this by sending money directly to them and not the finance company.

On the plus side, you will not need to wait for all of your payments to be made, as the tablet will be with you as soon as possible, depending on which delivery method you chose.

Purchasing tablets on finance within the UK is not a popular option, as many people are not aware of tablets on finance deals. There are actually a variety of phone companies who offer tablets on finance, which allows customers to pay in instalments instead of an expensive lump sum.

How Do Tablets on Finance Work?

Now you have a basic understanding of what tablets on finance are, it is time to explain to you how the process works.

One of the most important things you need to understand is how your monthly payments will be calculated. The company you purchase the table with will work out the monthly repayment costs using a simple sum.

Some companies do not require a deposit or charge interest, so this will not be added on to the cost. If a deposit is needed, it will be taken off of the full cost of the tablet.

Credit checks may also be necessary when purchasing a table on finance. This only occurs when you wish to finance a tablet with a company who offer you a credit limit.

This is slightly different from those who are offering you direct finance with them as it means you can buy additional items as long as you do not go over your limit.

It is good to know that some companies may also ask you some questions to ensure that you are eligible for their finance choices.

Once you have answered the questions to their satisfaction, they will get you to agree to their terms and conditions and sign the contract. This will provide them with reassurance that the repayments will be made.

Benefits of Tablets on Finance

Now you know all the basic information about purchasing tablets on finance. It is a good idea that you understand some the benefits of buying a table on finance.

Regular and Small Payments

Similar to anything you buy on finance, the payments will be regular and small. The small repayment fees makes purchasing a tablet on contract much more affordable. The regular payments will also enable you to keep on track, knowing exactly when they will be due each month.

Perfect Choice For People with No Credit or Bad Credit

Unlike other products which take your credit score into considering, many companies do not look at your credit score if you are purchasing a tablet on finance.

It is down to you to make the repayments and to decide whether it is an affordable option. Your credit score does not matter unless you are choosing a company who offers a credit limit over directly financing a tablet.

Deposits Are Not Needed

The majority of companies who offer tablet on finance deals do not always require a deposit. There are only a select few companies who do require a deposit; however, if you shop around, you can find some of the best deals where no deposit is needed.

Options Are Endless

If you are looking to buy a tablet on finance but are not set on a desired brand or model, you do not need to worry, as the options are endless. Most companies offer a range of different tablets on finance for varying prices.

There is something for everyone including iPads, Samsung Tablets and Lenovo products and more which are all available to purchase on finance.

Disadvantages of Tablets on Finance

There are an array of disadvantages to consider when purchasing a tablet on finance. Take a look at these downsides to decide whether or not financing a tablet is the right choice for you.

Missed Payments Can Affect Your Credit Score

When purchasing a tablet on finance, you are putting yourself at risk concerning your credit score. While you may not need one to be accepted for this type of finance, it can ruin your credit score if you miss any payments.

Having a bad credit score will reduce your chances of acceptance for a different kind of finance, loans or even a mortgage where credit checks are required.

Paying Interest

Unlike other finance products, when you purchase a tablet on finance, you will need to pay interest with most companies charging around 14% interest.

Possibility of Retention

When you agree to finance, you are agreeing to making the repayments on time and to the correct amount. If you miss any payments or underpay, you are at risk of retention which may result in them taking the product back, as the item is not entirely yours until you have paid for it in full.

Who Offers Tablets on Finance?

To help you to decide which company offers the best deal when purchasing a tablet on finance, take a look at the following brands who provide tablet on finance deals.


Apple is one of the most popular companies for purchasing tablets, although you may not know that they offer the option to buy a tablet directly from them on finance.

Apple use two outside companies to offer their financing - Barclays and PayPal, who both charge an interest rate of 14.9%. The interest rate for both of these options will be fixed for the duration of your term, which can last up to 24 months.

For PayPal, you need a minimum order of £99, and Barclays require a minimum order value of £299. When purchasing with Apple, the only choice of tablet you can choose from is their own iPads, so, if this is not the tablet you are after then another company will be better for you.


Another store which offers tablets on finance is EE, who give a 10% discount for existing customers. The difference with EE is that they are a phone store which means you need to purchase a tablet along with a sim card so it can use data, send messages and make calls.

With EE, you will have a wider variety to choose from, including Apple iPads, Samsung Tablets, Leveno products and more. These tablets vary in price with the lowest deals starting from just £10.

You do also not need to put down any deposit to purchase from EE, which makes this a much more affordable way to buy your desired tablet. This company also offer tablets on contract with no credit check.

Carphone Warehouse

This is another phone company which allows you to purchase tablets on contract. Carphone Warehouse has a large variety of tablets to offer you on finance, including iPads and Samsung Tablets.

In contrast to other companies, Carphone Warehouse requires a small deposit for your product. For example, an Apple iPad 2018 model will require a £29.99 deposit with £20 monthly repayments.

If you would prefer a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, you will be expected to pay a £9.99 deposit with a £12 monthly fee. The deposit you are putting down helps to lower the cost of your monthly repayments, which is a better option for anyone with less to spare per month.


The final company which we are going to look into is Studio. This company is slightly different from the others as they offer a credit limit rather than finance on the product itself. However, it still follows the same process of purchasing a tablet and paying for it monthly.

To be approved for a Studio credit limit, you will need to have a credit check, which may not be the best choice if you have bad credit. If the limit you are given covers the cost of a tablet you can happily purchase one.

Studio generally offers you six to twelve months interest-free, so you can pay the minimum required repayment for that amount of time with no interest being charged. They also have a range of options for you to choose from, enabling you to select the perfect tablet for you.

Can I Purchase a Tablet on Finance with Bad Credit?

A lot of people worry about having a bad credit score, as they think there is no way to purchase goods on finance. However, you should not worry too much, as It is possible for you to buy a tablet on finance with bad credit in the UK.

For starters, it is possible for you to purchase a tablet on finance with bad credit or no credit at all. There are so many companies who do not conduct credit checks, such as EE and Carphone Warehouse. You will just need to make sure you make all of your repayments back on time to prevent your credit score becoming worse.

You should avoid companies where they give you a credit limit like Studio or AO. This is because they will need to conduct a credit check for you to be approved for credit loans. Apple should also be avoided, as they use external companies for their financing, which will require a credit check for approval.

Considerations Before Purchasing a Tablet on Finance

Before you purchase a tablet on finance, there are many aspects you need to consider, including:

Can You Afford The Monthly Payments?

When you are taking the step to purchase a tablet on finance, it is essential that you consider whether you can actually afford the monthly repayments. It is up to you to ensure that these repayments are met, especially if you want to protect your credit score for future purchases.

Overall Cost of The Tablet

Before you purchase a tablet on finance, you must understand the overall cost. Overall, purchasing a tablet on finance will result in you paying more than you would with an outright payment due to the added interest.

Consider All of Your Options

When purchasing a tablet on finance, it is vital that you consider all your options. It would be best if you took your time to work out which company will offer you the best deal. Look into all different companies and repayment options, such as finance, loans, store credit, credit cards or buying outright.

From this article, we hope you have gained all of the relevant knowledge regarding tablets on finance. While, It may work out more expensive in the long run with the impact of interest, choosing a tablet on finance deal may be a better option for you than paying for a tablet in full.

Always remember that you can purchase a tablet on contract with bad credit; all you need to is research and find the right company that works for you.


Q: Which is the best tablet finance plan?

A: We believe that EE offer the best finance plans. Looking at the new iPad, this is only £30 per month with no deposit and no interest charged – making EE’s tablet on finance deal one of the most affordable ways to purchase this product.

Q: Do all companies charge interest?

A: No, not all companies charge interest on tablets on finance, with some offering interest-free deals for a set period of time. In addition, if you choose to go for a credit plan, these will also be interest-free for a few months.

Q: Do you always need money saved for a deposit?

A: No, you do not always need money saved up for a deposit, as there are a lot of companies who offer tablets on finance without the need for a deposit or upfront cost.

Q: What tablets are available on finance?

A: Almost all tablets that can be purchased outright are also available on finance, although they may be a few months behind new releases.

Q: Should I wait for a sale or do they not go on sale?

A: We will always recommend that you wait for the next sale before purchasing anything on finance. It is extremely likely that they will go on sale along with all other products. Companies may offer you no deposits, so many months interest-free, or extra money off.


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