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Washing Machines

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Washing machine stopped working? Can't afford a new one? Make use of top UK catalogues and buy or rent a brand new washing machine on finance and pay for it in monthly or weekly installments!

Condenser Tumble Dryers

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A condenser tumble dryer offers a huge benefit when compared to vented dryers; you don't need to place it near an open window or drill a hole in the wall. They collect the water vapour instead.

Vented Tumble Dryers

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Vented tumble dryers offer a cheaper option when compared to the condenser, but do the same job all the same. Some stores even offer no credit checks, ideal for anyone with a bad credit history.

Washer Dryers

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Washer dryers are perhaps the ultimate clothes washing device. They not only wash and clean your clothes, they also dry them for you. Why not pay weekly on a washer dryer with Dial a TV.

Vacuum Cleaners

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A vacuum cleaner is an absolute essential in any household. When one breaks down a replacement must be found immediately. Thankfully, you can now buy a vacuum cleaner on credit with an online catalogue.

Buying Guide - a few tips and things to consider when buying a washing machine

Buying a new washing machine is not exactly the type of thing to look forward to, but then again it isn’t about getting the features you want and a suitable design. It is a big-ticket purchase that needs you to know what you want and how much it will set you back financially.

Washers and tumble dryers can cost anything from £400 to £2,000 depending on the specifications, capacity, and model among other things. Buying a washing machine is a long-term investment which can last you up to 10 years or more. Thus it helps to have a guide that ensures you will buy laundry equipment that will provide good functionality all through.

1. Know what type of machine you want

These are some of the basics when it comes to deciding which washing machine to purchase. Do you like a front-loading unit or the top-loading alternative? This is one of the aspects about the machine that end up determining whether you like your washer or not after the excitement about its features fades away.

2. Get the measurements right

It is very important that you know what size of machine you can fit in your house before going out to shop. Every appliance should fit in its place around the house and your washer is no exception. Be sure to know the dimensions of the space you intend to fit your washing machine or dryer. The dimensions are typically the same for many laundry appliances such as washing machines and dryers even though the depth may vary. A 6” clearance behind the machine is advised to make it easier for hookups and allow space for venting.

3. Think about towels as you shop

Most of us can do without a washing machine with the capability to hold 28 towels. A washing machine that can hold 17 to 21 full-size towels pretty much covers the homes laundry needs in many cases. A washing machine that holds 17-21 towels ranges between 4.2 to 5.1 cubic feet. Such machines can serve most homes with ease.

4. Look for features that add convenience or save time

Doing laundry is not interesting in any way; it is a boring cycle at best and it doesn’t hurt to make it shorter and hassle-free. If you are looking for a washing machine or tumble drier that is a cut above the rest, have 5 features that make up the ultimate laundry appliance for you. Some of the features you want to look out for include temperature settings, custom settings, extra rinse cycle, energy star rating, and Wi-Fi connectivity among others. Washer dryers are designed with a plethora of features these days that were not even fathomable just 5 years ago. The new washing machines take away a lot of the dreariness that is part of doing laundry.

Find the best machine according to your needs

Asking for opinions from friends and reading online reviews are good ways of going about getting a washing machine that suits you. You also have to remember, though, how you intend to use the machine, and what exactly you hope to find in your desired laundry appliance. This will help you get your priorities right when the time comes to purchase.

Washers on Finance with Bad Credit

Buying a washing machine or tumble dryer on credit using a pay weekly or pay monthly payment plan sounds like the ideal choice for most.

However, for those with a low credit score, it can be difficult to find a store that will accept you and those that do normally end up having to pay higher interest rates.

If you find yourself in this situation there might be a better alternative to buying a washing machine or tumble dryer on finance.
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