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Buy Now Pay Later

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Buy now pay later is exactly how it sounds. A store that offers this payment plan allows you to buy what you want immediately and pay for it at a later date.

The period of this payment delay varies depending on the lender and of course the price of the items. The more expensive the item, the longer you have to pay for it.

Indeed, many catalogues offer the buy now pay later option on furniture and offer a pay nothing for at least 12 months. This can be ideal for anyone who has recently moved home.

Pay Monthly

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Pay monthly is the #1 spread the cost payment option and is defintely the most popular for customers. Paying monthly for your purchases is a great way to break up payments.

The majority of credit catalogues offer a pay monthly option, some even offer an 0% interest period dependant upon the price of your purchases.

So not only could you split the amount you owe in small installments, you can also pay no interest!

Pay Weekly

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Pay weekly tends to be a credit option for those who struggle to save. Each payment will, of course, be 4 times smaller than if you chose to pay monthly. The overall cost would still be the same but this option makes it feel cheaper!

Unfortunately, there are not that many stores offering this credit plan, however, we have endeavoured to find as many as possible for those who prefer it.

Dial a TV, Homebuy and Very tend to be the best choices for a pay weekly catalogue.

Bad Credit

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Catalogues which accept people with bad credit are in high demand at the moment. With the current economic climate, many of us are looking to take out a finance plan and many of us have a less than average credit score.

Sometimes it can simply be a case of never having borrowed before. Having no credit history can sometime be as bad as having a poor credit history.

As such, finding a catalogue where you can get approved is essential.

No Credit Check

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No credit check catalogues are few and far between. Whilst they say they do not credit check, they do still check to see if you are worthy of lending to.

They do this by asking you to provide recent bank statements so as to determine if you have a regular income and are thus likely to make payments on time.

We believe that these catalogues should always be a last resort and you should first check out our bad credit catalogues as they have very lenient credit checks.
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