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Gas Cookers

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Cookers are an essential household appliance and when your's breaks it can be very expensive to fix. Buying a gas cooker on finance from a UK catalogue using buy now pay later may well be the answer.

Electric Cookers

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Electric cookers are a fantastic alternative to gas. They're more economical, safer to use and can be cheaper too! Even for those with bad credit or no credit history, buying a cooker on credit is still possible.


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Ovens can be very expensive and if yours stops working a replacement is needed as soon as possible. UK catalogues now offer pay monthly payment plans on cookers and other household appliances.


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Microwaves are quick and easy to use and in most cases, are quite cheap too. However, if you're looking to spread the cost on one, we recommend Littlewoods, Lookagain or Homebuy.


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Dishwashers are a great addition to any kitchen. They offer a much quicker and more efficient way of getting the dishes clean, but they're not cheap. Why not pay weekly for one instead!

Buying Guide - a few tips and things to consider when buying a cooker

A cooker has to be one of the things most of us certainly wouldn’t live without. Over the years, cookers have advanced both in design and technology, which means that you need to stay informed about the brands out there and make the right choices. There are cookers that get the job done faster than others, while some brands boast of a greater capacity. If you are in the market for one of these appliances, then you need to be armed with the right information so that you don’t end up throwing your pounds down the Thames. Let’s pore over a few things to think about when buying a cooker;

The choice of fuel

Some cookers work with electricity. Others are designed to use gas. Still, others will have the potential to use both gas and electricity. Generally, electric cookers are easy to clean and provide an even distribution of heat all around. They are however known to be expensive because, well, they consume electricity and electricity is not cheap. Gas cookers are highly efficient because you can control the amount of gas used, and gas is cheaper than electricity. However, one of the criticisms levelled against them is that they make for an uneven distribution of heat. Dual fuel cookers offer the best of both worlds but cost quite a bit.


There are three sizes when it comes to ovens; single, double and compact. A single oven is 60cm by 60cm. A double oven comes in at 90x90. A compact cooker, which is one of the smallest in the market, is 45 cm tall. We also have the 4 range cooker, which is a massive appliance that can feed thousands. Generally, what you go for depends on the space available to you. As you mull over your choices, keep in mind that 5mm needs to be left all around the cooker to allow for ventilation.

Think in terms of energy efficiency

Cookers of all brands have an energy efficiency label. You are looking to land something with an energy rating pegged at A or even beyond that. Sure, you are going to need to dig deep into your pockets, but nothing beats the ROI. You will find yourself saving a ton of money on fuel, be it gas or electricity. By going for an energy-efficient piece, you are also helping preserve the environment in all its splendour, so why not?

Type of cooker

We have to basic types of cookers, if we were to classify them by design. Free standing cookers are large pieces that stand on their own. They are built in such a way that they can support their own weight and still come off as modern and chic. Built-in cookers, on the other hand, will be integrated into the rest of your kitchen to create a seamless feel. They can be built in under your countertops or at the same level in order to make cooking easier. Generally, most people will go for these types because they make the kitchen a lot better in terms of aesthetics. Built-in cookers are however intricate and need to be installed by someone savvy.

Cookers on Finance with Bad Credit

Buying a cooker on credit using a pay weekly or monthly store when you have a bad credit history can be a difficult task.

Many stores simply won't accept you and those that do normally charge high interest rates and rarely offer any interest free periods, nor do they let you buy now and pay later.

If you find yourself in this situation there might be a better alternative to buying a cooker on finance.
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