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Who we are

We are a small group of individuals with a large amount of knowledge and experience in the catalogue market. We created this site to help those of you who need a particular catalogue but are unsure which one to choose. We offer an informative review of the top UK catalogues as well as guides on where to buy the most popular products such as laptops, tv's, sofas, etc.

We also provide an overview of the different credit options which are available to you as well as which catalogues offer them.

What we do

We feel that the information on this site could help anyone who is:

  • looking for more information on catalogues, in general.
  • after some specific details on a particular catalogue, such as delivery, returns or product information.
  • wanting to shop on finance for a particular product.
  • searching for a guide on the different credit options available with UK catalogues.
  • trying to find a discount or voucher code for a particular catalogue before they buy.
  • struggling to get approved for finance.

How we get paid

Like all information based sites, we must make money in order to continue to update and improve this site. We do this by earning a commission on the items you buy from any of the catalogues that we refer you to. This does not mean you will get charged more, nor does it mean we know any personal details about you.

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If you have any questions regarding this site or have a query relating to catalogues, please email us at contact@catalogues247.co.uk.


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If you want to drop us a message, please send an email to contact@catalogues247.co.uk.