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Catalogues with No Credit Check - do they exist?

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For those who have a very bad credit rating, you may find yourself looking for a catalogue which doesn't do a credit check. These are very hard to find simply because there aren't many of them out there. You should always be wary of any lender that says they do not credit check.

The whole concept of no credit check catalogues may sound very appealing to someone who has been refused a credit account, but it's very important not to rush in to things!

The point of checking a person's credit history is to determine the risk factor so that one can ascertain whether that person should be lent to or not and if so, what interest they should be charged. A company who says they do not credit check but do lend money is either very dodgy, are lying, or they determine your risk factor in another way.

Some catalogues ask for recent bank statements to check if you are likely to make payments or not. In some cases, a person may have a bad credit rating because of missed payments a few years ago. That person, as of this year, may well be a perfect credit customer but their credit rating says otherwise.

In some instances, recent bank statements may be a more accurate assessment but in others they may be misleading. Either way, a credit check is the common method for determining a person's credit worthiness. As such, we only recommend our visitors to catalogues that do a credit check.

This doesn't mean that you won't get approved as we have many visitors who come here with a poor credit score and find themselves getting accepted for a finance plan with one of our bad credit catalogues. However, remember there is no guarantee that you will be accepted with any store that offers credit.

The advantages of obtaining a credit plan with a catalogue is that it can help towards repairing your credit record. Of course, going back and paying any outstanding debt will also help!
Naturally, the main negative of borrowing is that if you miss a payment, your credit rating will get worse, making it even more difficult to borrow in the future plus you may get fined!
Only a few no credit check catalogues actually exist and as far as we know, they do ask for recent bank statements. Unfortunately, their interest rates are considerable so we do not recommend them.
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