What Are No Credit Check Catalogues?

Plenty of people have no credit history. Of course if you want to take credit, you’ll need to start somewhere and you don’t want to be restricted for not having any yet.

The same applies to those with bad credit. Catalogues with no credit check are exactly what they say on the tin; you won’t be asked about your credit history if using these catalogues.

These payment plans are reasonably popular and practically anyone can use these catalogues. The nature of no credit check catalogues can vary, however.

Some will let you make purchases and pay some of the cost upfront while paying the rest later (usually with interest). On the other hand, you may have to pay a full amount upfront (usually without interest) so that you can acquire credit for your online account.

You can then, in turn use this to make purchases. Why receive any credit at all in this scenario? The reason is because it can act as a stepping stone toward receiving traditional credit from the same provider.

Unfortunately, most catalogues lack a no credit check option but there still are a significant number of these catalogues on the market to choose from.

You really just need to have a good look around if you want to find some examples that will suit you. One big upside to a no credit check catalogue is that if you have poor credit, it gives you a chance to start a new leaf or to establish a credit history if you don’t have any yet.

If you’re options are limited but you want to move forward with taking credit via catalogues then a no credit check catalogue may be the perfect and perhaps only place to start.

Arguably the most popular type of no credit check catalogues are clothes catalogues no credit check or those providing tech such as TVs or video game consoles.

How Do No Credit Check Catalogues Work?

Let’s now explore how these catalogues work. We’ll also consider how you can apply for these types of catalogues. In various cases, you can enjoy a several month interest free period for items you purchase using a no credit check catalogue.

Also, credit check catalogues usually don’t come with prepayment penalties, a problem that can rear its head with most buy now, pay later catalogues. Once you meet your payments and make purchases wisely, you can build a good credit score with these catalogues while enjoying purchases on credit with little hassle!

As with any buy now, pay later catalogues, you will still need to be approved and accepted after filling out an online form. It will still be required that you provide proof of address and proof of income when applying for a no credit check catalogue and you must also be over 18.

The payments (which may, for example occur weekly or monthly) are calculated as a fraction of the total cost of your purchases plus interest. That is of course not the case at first, if you have an interest free period initially.

In a lot of cases, you’ll be expected to pay at least something upfront which is probably not unexpected to you, given that these are catalogues are without any credit checks.

If you’re paying the total upfront as is the case with some of these catalogues (those that are not buy now, pay later), then you may have no interest at all. In other cases, you’ll face a significant level of representative APR where payments occur over several weeks or months.

Generally, buy now, pay later catalogues feature an APR of about 25-40% but where no credit checks occur, it could be higher. It will really depend on the catalogue and the exact details of the payment plan and in essence, no credit check catalogues can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Benefits of No Credit Check Catalogues

As with any payment plans, no credit check catalogues feature a variety of pros and cons. In this section, we’ll take a look at some of their advantages.

Great option for people no credit or bad credit

This type of catalogue is, of course, well suited to those without any credit or bad credit. Most buy now, pay later catalogues feature a credit check and if you fall into either of the aforementioned categories, your application in these cases might be rejected or you may be more limited than most consumers.

However, a no credit check catalogue is a good alternative in either of these cases. In addition, you’re almost certain to be accepted after making an application.

Helps to build good credit history

Another advantage of these payment options is that it gives you the chance to build your credit history in a positive direction, whether you currently have a bad credit rating that you want to turn around or you’re looking to first establish a credit history.

Of course, in order to this, it’s essential that you make your payments on time and pay off any purchases in full, which of course will likely include interest.

How you spend might also affect your credit history in a positive or negative way but ultimately, it is whether or not you pay as initially agreed to that really matters.

Catalogues that come with no credit checks can be quite limited in what you can use them for and how you can use them but they can help you on your way to enjoying less restrictive buy now, pay later catalogues in the future!

Affordable payment options

No credit check catalogues also generally offer affordable payment options. If you avail of a no credit check pay weekly or catalogues pay monthly no credit check for instance, then you won’t need to make any payments upfront, thus you’ll save money in the short-term.

As an example, Yes Catalogue (a popular no credit check option) requires that you pay weekly over a six week period. Each catalogue has its own payment option(s) and some are more stringent than others.

Pay later payment options are perfect if you want to cut down on near future expenses but it’s essential that you know that you’ll be able to meet your payments when they come which may include a substantial level of interest.

Disadvantages of No Credit Check Catalogues

As with any payment plan, there are also downsides. It’s important that you consider the potential cons as well as the pros before deciding to use a no credit check catalogue.

Low spending limits

One of the catches of a no credit check catalogue is, as you may find unsurprising, that they usually come with relatively low spending limits. This is in place for obvious reasons since without a credit check, the provider will feel less certain that its catalogue consumers will be able to make payments on time.

Limit your purchase options

These payment plans also generally feature more limited purchase choices. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy less purchases on credit than those using regular buy now, pay later catalogues.

Also, with less providers offering no credit check catalogues, you may find it difficult to pinpoint a catalogue without credit checks that offers the sort of products you’re looking for. So, again limitation is the problem.

However, if you need to improve your credit rating or launch one to begin with, then you may find it necessary to take this step in order to enjoy a wider range of catalogues in the future.


Plenty of no credit check catalogues require that you pay some money upfront. So, you won’t be able to use these catalogues as you would most credit catalogues.

This would make it far from ideal since it would reduce the convenience and affordability offered by most buy now, pay later catalogues.

Who Offers No Credit Check Catalogues?

While most catalogues are without this option, there are still some to choose from! Companies with no credit check offers include Savvy Benefits Card, Yes Catalogue and Flava. In fact, Yes Catalogue promotes itself as having no late payment fees!

Of course, before using a no credit check catalogue, it’s vital that you do your research and ensure that you can make payments on time, particularly, if unlike with the aforementioned catalogue, there are late payment charges in place.

This payment option is not an especially popular approach to buy now, pay later catalogues but it is far from unheard of.

Can I Use No Credit Check Catalogues with Bad Credit?

Let’s look a bit more at the benefits of these catalogues for those with bad credit. Of course, since you will not face a credit check, you will be able to apply for these catalogues without your credit history holding you being a successful applicant.

As a result, credit score is unimportant when applying for a no credit check catalogue. However, if you do have bad credit, it may be a sign that taking more credit is not a good path forward. That is unless of course things have changed a lot since the times that saw you gather bad credit in the first place.

Once again, only take out credit if you’re confident that you can pay it back (including interest if applicable) on time and that it won’t cause you more headaches than it’s worth.

Considerations Before Investing in a No Credit Check Catalogue

Even if you feel that a no credit check catalogue is right for you, there are still many additional points you should take on board first. Let’s break down some examples.


Firstly, you’ll want to be conscious of the interest rate offered by a catalogue and ensure that you’ll be able to make the payments which will include a given representative APR.

Once more, the interest rate will likely land around 25-40%. Of course, interest free periods are possible with many catalogues too, so watch out for that also.

Payment Options

Most buy now, pay later catalogues come with a range of options such as pay weekly and pay monthly. In some cases, you can even pay a fixed amount (which may or may not include added interest) at a later date and in a single payment.

So don’t forget to take a look at what payment options are offered by any given catalogue as some options may be more suitable to you than others.

Ultimately, the main thing is that you choose a payment option that is both convenient and one that you know you’ll be able to afford.


We hope you enjoyed our break down of no credit check catalogues. As we’ve discussed, these catalogues are a great option for those with bad credit or no credit history although as with any buy now, pay later payment options, they come with a mix of pros and cons.

It’s important that you weigh these up before deciding whether to use a no credit check catalogue. Even then, it’s essential that you check out the details of any given catalogue before using it as each no credit check catalogue is unique and comes with its own terms.

While, there are not many providers offering these types of catalogues there are still some choices to look at and if you’re trying to improve your credit history or launch it in the first place, then a no credit check catalogue might just prove ideal!


Q: What’s the best catalogue to get if you have bad credit?

A: Some of the best catalogues for those with bad credit are La Redoute, JD Williams and Home Essentials. These examples do, however, come with credit checks.

Q: Can I apply for a no credit check catalogue?

A: Yes, even if you have no credit history or bad credit, you can apply for these catalogues without receiving a credit check!

Q: Are no credit check catalogues more expensive?

A: Not necessarily. The interest rate may or may not be higher with a no credit check catalogue but it will simply depend on the catalogue itself.

Q: What are the best no credit check catalogues UK?

A: Among the best and most popular no credit check catalogues available here are Yes Catalogue and Flava.

Q: Will a no credit check catalogue help my credit score?

A: It certainly could but that assumes that you meet payments on time and manage your purchases intelligently.