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Mobile Phones on Finance - a quick look at the best online catalogues and stores for mobile phones

With the advancement in technology, mobile phones cannot be detached from our lives. Every day, there is a release of a new phone, and you are tempted to upgrade. In some occasions, you may lose your phone, and you may not have enough money to get yourself another one, yet you are desperately in need of it. As such, buying a mobile phone on finance could be an option to consider. This method allows you to pay weekly or monthly for your mobile phone in a similar way you normally pay for your minutes and calls.

Where To Buy
There are many online stores and catalogues which allow their credit customers to buy phones on credit, and even buy now pay later in some cases. The top 3 online places to shop for a new mobile phone are Argos, Very and Dial a TV. If accepted for an Argos card you can spread the cost by paying off the mobile phone in monthly installments. Similarly, Very let their customers pay weekly whilst Dial a TV do the same but on a rent-to-own basis.

Most companies allow you to get a new device in instalments and with monthly payments which suit your budget. Some of them also allow those accepted for credit to pay later, up to 6 months later, on the latest smartphones. In the majority of cases, their phones are unlocked and can work on the network or SIM card of your choice. They have phones from almost all the top brands such as iPhones, Samsung, LG, and Sony among others. The monthly or weekly instalment will be dependent on the phone model and the marked price. You can see all the specifications of the phone on their website, hence you will be know exactly what you're getting when choosing the phone you want.

How To Buy
The finance offered by mobile phone suppliers varies so at the checkout make sure you read all the details before you continue. Ensure that you have added the correct details and then your credit application will be assessed. Different stores have slightly different credit checks and be aware that there is never a guarantee of getting accepted. Your application will usually only be considered if you have a good credit history.

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