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Pay Monthly Catalogues - the most popular spread the cost payment plan

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With a wide range of various shopping needs, the UK has many different pay monthly catalogues to choose from including those for people with a bad credit score or no credit history whatsoever.

Regardless of your product needs, you can find just about anything through a specific catalogue that not only gives you a large assortment of merchandise like menswear, women's apparel, children's clothing, electronics, home appliances, heath and beauty supplies, furniture, accessories, lingerie, sporting goods, and more but also offers several different unique payment choices.

Not stopping with these product categories, you can find monthly payment options for specific items like plus sized clothing for men and women, Smart TV's, iPhones, Smart phones, laptops, macbooks, engagement rings, jewellery, brand name shoes, iPads, Kindles and just about any item you could think of.

Depending on what you're searching for, there are many different catalogues that will prove to be essential in your search.

When searching for specific brand name merchandise, each pay monthly store will offer some of the most popular products by company's like Samsung, Beach to Beach, Toshiba, Timberland, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Kenneth Cole, Apple, LG, Moda In Pelle, The Shoe Tailor, Joe Browns, Dyson, Frock & Frill, Angel Ribbons. Anna Scholz, Morphy Richards, Becko, Cello, Prada, DKNY and many, many more.

Although paying for your orders monthly will cost more in interest, through a credit application, this option is generally very convenient for a wide array of shoppers. Enabling you to pay for your merchandise every month, each company will send a monthly statement. At this stage you have two options; you can pay off the full amount in full, or choose to pay back what you own in small installments on a monthly basis.

Included on each monthly statement is a list of all the items that were ordered, the amount that has already been paid, the total amount that is still open on your account, the minimum payment that is due and the date that the payment must be paid by.

Helping individual shoppers with less than fortunate financial situations, pay monthly catalogues are becoming more and more popular as the world economy continues in its current roller coaster state.

Credit provided is subject to successful credit and affordability checks.

The obvious bonus of a pay monthly catalogue is that you can break up one large payment into many smaller ones. This makes paying for things seem cheaper and is far easier to justify.
Like all credit plans, interest rates can hurt you when you spread the cost, but as long as you pay off the full amount within the allotted time period, the interest shouldn't have accumulated too much.
Pretty much every catalogue offers a pay monthly option to their credit customers. So your selection is huge! Now just pick a catalogue with an interest free period and your good to go!
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