What Are Pay Monthly Catalogues?

Let’s now break down what these catalogues are. In this section, we’ll also touch on how popular they are, who can use these catalogues and whether this option is available with most buy now, pay later plans. A pay monthly catalogue, as the name suggests, involves making a purchase but paying for the item(s) in instalments on a monthly basis.

The monthly payment will include a specific fraction of the cost of the item(s) plus interest. Catalogues UK pay monthly are reasonably popular and more and more consumers are using these catalogues with time.

The internet has played a major role in the growth of pay monthly catalogues since online ads, often targeting younger consumers has lead to a rise in popularity for this payment approach.

Of course, these ads as with the services/companies that provide any buy now, pay later catalogues will generally not delve into the issues and risks associated with pay monthly catalogues. So it’s important that you are well-informed about both the pros and cons of these catalogues, which we will get into in further detail later in this article.

Most applicants will be successful if trying to use a pay monthly catalogue although some may not succeed, particularly if they have no credit history or more often because of bad credit. Most catalogues have a pay monthly option and plenty of these are also catalogues with instant credit!

How Do Pay Monthly Catalogues Work?

We’ll now explain more specifically how these catalogues actually work. In the case of a pay monthly plan, you will need to fill out an online form which will likely include a credit check.

You will need to be approved and accepted for a pay monthly option although as already mentioned, assuming you don’t have issues such as bad credit then you should be given the go ahead without any issue.

The monthly payments will be a fraction of the total cost of the item(s) purchased plus interest. In terms of interest, most pay monthly catalogues come with a representative APR of between 25% and 40%.

Benefits of Pay Monthly Catalogues

There are a range of pros and cons with pay monthly catalogues to consider. In this section, we’ll discuss the advantages.

Affordable Payment Method

One of the best advantages of pay monthly catalogues is the affordability offered by these payment plans. For one, you can avoid paying anything in the immediate future with these catalogues and even when it comes to making a payment, you only need to pay it in segments on a monthly basis.

It may be more costly overall due to interest but it’s definitely going to save you money in the short-term and in many cases, act as an affordable alternative to paying for your purchases upfront.

Interest-Free Period

An additional benefit to pay monthly catalogues is the possibility of interest-free periods. This, as you might have guessed, involves the option of avoiding payments with interest until a certain time in the future.

Large Range of Items and Products Available

Most pay monthly catalogues have a wide range of products to choose from, giving you many possibilities as to how you can use a pay monthly plan.

This means that you can purchase various different items from retailers on credit whether that is in the area of fashion, household appliances, technology, etc. How large the range of products will be will depend on the supplier.

While many pay monthly catalogues are pay monthly clothes catalogues, you will discover that there are catalogues for all kinds of items.


Pay monthly catalogues are also especially convenient. With the opportunity to pay a relatively small amount each month as opposed to a larger amount all at once, this can make purchasing items that bit less stressful.

This could also be particularly convenient, if you get paid once a month. In this case, it’ll be easy to ensure you’ve got a certain amount to set aside from your monthly wages if needed.

Disadvantages of Pay Monthly Catalogues

There are of course also a variety of cons that you should take into account when deciding whether or not to use a pay monthly catalogue.

Missing Payment Can Affect Credit Rating

Among the downsides to pay monthly catalogues is the fact that if you miss any payments, it could impact on your credit rating negatively.

This might not always be the case but the risk is very real. So it’s important that you are sure you’ll be able to meet these payments each month before using this type of payment plan. The key issue here is whether you’ll be able to consistently make monthly payments.

No Interest-Free Period (Higher Rates)

Some pay monthly catalogues unfortunately do not feature interest-free periods. This is particularly so if they have higher interest rates.

So, you should check whether a pay monthly catalogue includes interest-free periods or not before using any given catalogue, if this is something you’d be concerned with.

Who Offers Pay Monthly Payment Plans?

Pay monthly catalogues, like buy now, pay later catalogues in general are provided to consumers through many services who in turn provide their service with a range of stores online. Among these services are ClearPay and Klarna.

As for the stores which offer pay monthly catalogues, popular examples include Perfect Home, JDWilliams, Jacamo, Home Essentials and Studio. You will find that many popular stores across the UK offer pay monthly catalogues.

In addition, most catalogues tend to feature a pay monthly option which is also quite a popular payment plan as far as buy now, pay later catalogues go.

Can I Use a Pay Monthly Plan with Bad Credit?

What if you’ve got bad credit? In this case, you might be wondering whether you’ll be able to use a pay monthly catalogue at all. Ultimately, it will depend on a range of factors.

Most pay monthly catalogues will feature a credit check with their application process thus if you have bad credit, there’s a reasonable chance that you won’t be approved.

Your credit score matters a lot when applying for a pay monthly catalogue as it is an important gauge when it comes to assessing your application.

However, this will not always be the case even if credit checks and apply and beyond that, there are many pay monthly catalogues for bad credit or no credit history.

These options, however, do often come with catches such as very high interest or big charges if you fail to make your payment(s) on time.

Considerations Before Taking Out Pay Monthly Payments

Even if you decide that a pay monthly catalogue is the right option for you, there are still a range of additional considerations you should take on board before using one of these catalogues.

Interest Rate

One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a good pay monthly catalogue is what representative APR it comes with. You’ll want to pick a catalogue with an interest rate that you can afford.

You should also consider whether the catalogue comes with an interest-free period, if this matters to you. While most catalogues will come with an interest rate in the 25% to 40% range, there are some with up to around a 60% APR.

It’s essential, that you’re aware of the interest rate of a pay monthly catalogue before using one. You’ll need to factor this in so that you can work out whether you’ll be able to make your payments on time.

Prepayment Penalties

Unfortunately some catalogues pay monthly feature prepayment penalties. You may find that you have some extra cash to spare all of a sudden and it might be preferable to pay off the last of your monthly payments all at once.

However, this could actually backfire. In some cases, you’ll face an additional charge for paying too soon.

The main reason why some providers would charge consumers for paying ahead of time is because they want to discourage anyone from deviating from the initial agreement.

This is because, if you don’t pay as originally planned, it may be perceived as unpredictable.

So, make sure to do your research in this regard too and check whether the catalogues you’re applying for feature prepayment penalties or not.

Minimum Purchase Amounts

Just as there are upper limits to how much credit you can receive, most pay monthly catalogues come with minimum purchase amounts. This will usually land around £50 although it will depend on the catalogue.

Is It Better Than Other Payment Options?

You also need to ask yourself whether a pay monthly catalogue is a better option for you than simply using a credit card or even taking out a loan. If you already have a credit card, then it may be more straightforward and ultimately, less expensive for you to make payments on credit this way.

Of course, accumulating debt with a credit card could be more risky and may add to current credit card debt that you already have. You may find that using a credit card makes for bad habits and that a pay monthly catalogue is a better way to make purchases on credit without purchasing too much.

As for a loan, however, you can expect the interest rate to be significantly lower than with a pay monthly catalogue. In fact, loans generally have an average interest rate of about 10%. This is in comparison with the estimated range of 25-40% with a pay monthly catalogue.

With that said, getting a loan could ultimately prove to be more hassle. So all in all, you’ll want to weigh up your options and really think about whether a pay monthly catalogue is the right choice for you.


Pay monthly catalogues can be a very helpful way of cutting down on short-term expenses but it’s important that you weigh up the pros and cons before making a decision.

As mentioned, you will spend more money in the long-run with a pay monthly catalogue but if you are a) strapped for cash right now b) in need of making some purchases and c) confident that you’ll be able to meet these monthly payments (including with interest) then you should definitely consider a pay monthly catalogue!

In this article, we’ve explained what a pay monthly catalogue is, we’ve discussed the pros and cons of this payment plan and we’ve looked at a range of additional relevant topics such as what considerations you should take on board before using a pay monthly catalogue.

Once again, undertaking the proper research is essential. Now that you have the knowledge necessary to understand the benefits and disadvantages of pay monthly catalogues and if you feel that this payment option is right for you, then have a look around and find some pay monthly catalogues that meet your preferences!


Q: Who can use a pay monthly catalogue?

A: Most consumers will be able to make use of these catalogues although many catalogues do feature credit checks and if you have bad credit or even no credit history, there is a chance that you’ll be rejected.

Thankfully, there are still some catalogues designed for those with bad credit.

Q: What is the interest rate of pay monthly catalogues?

A: Usually around 25-40%.

Q: What are some of the best pay monthly catalogues?

A: Perfect Home, JD Williams, Home Essentials and Jacamo are some of the most popular pay monthly catalogues on the UK market. Don’t forget to also watch out for new catalogues pay monthly as more providers start offering this service online.

Q: Can these catalogues affect your credit rating?

A: It is possible yes, especially if you miss any payments.

Q: Can you defer payments without consequence?

A: To a certain extent, this is allowed by some catalogues but you should check the rules/policies set out by each given catalogue before applying.