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LED, LCD & Plasma TV's

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Buying a tv on finance has never been easier with some extremely flexible and affordable spread the cost options to choose from including pay monthly, pay weekly and even pay later deals on televisions.

Smart TV's

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Smart TV's combine all the functions of a TV with some of the functions of a PC. You can browse the internet, download music, socialise, install apps, catch up on missed TV and lots more!

3D TV's

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3D TV's are ideal for anyone who loves movies and these days there are numerous online catalogues and stores which offer 3D TV's on credit and let you pay it off in monthly installments.

HD Recorders

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Being able to record all of your favourite programs is possible with a HD Recorder. These fantastic devices can now be purchased online from UK catalogues and you can choose to pay later!

Blu-ray Players

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You cannot fully appreciate the difference that blu-ray makes until you actually watch a blu-ray disc on a blu-ray player and the great thing now is that their prices have come down massively.

Buying Guide - a few tips and things to consider when buying a new TV

Shopping for a TV on finance is not as easy as just looking at the shape and size and then making your decision. A lot of factors have to be considered if you are to get a TV that is of high quality and that you will be able to enjoy for a long time. In addition to this, there are so many TVs available hence a lot of factors should also be considered before purchasing one.

Type of TV

1. LCD TV's
LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LCD TV's are preferred for rooms that are well-lit. These TVs produce bright colours and this is due to the CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) lighting at the back. They a bit thicker than the other televisions but they are cheaper and offer high quality HD performance.

2. LED TV's
LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. They are better than LCD and many people actually prefer them compared to LCD. They also work well in well-lit rooms and in all lighting conditions. The overall picture quality is very good and its slim nature, slimmer than LCD, is an advantage since it allows you to easily place it in any viewing space.

3. OLED TV's
OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) TV's are also a great choice and are just as good as LCD and LED TVs if not better. They are very thin and light so you can easily carry them. These TVs are very efficient since they produce their own lighting. They thus consume low power and you will not have to worry about a high electricity bill at the end of the month.

They also have wide viewing angles so the picture quality is still high even when you move further away from the TV. The colour and contrast is also very good.

4. Plasma TV's
Unlike LCD and LED which are preferred for well-lit rooms, plasma televisions actually perform well in dark rooms which do not have a lot of light.

They also have a wider viewing angle compared to the rest of the TV's. They provide vibrant colour free of blurring that is normally seen during fast moving scenes in LCD TV's. They are heavier than LCD and LED TV's due to the glass material used to make the screen.

5. Curved TV's
These are quite new in the market and the screens curve inwards. They deliver high quality picture since each pixel is equidistant from the eyes. The picture quality is good if you sit near the TV.

Type of Resolution

1. HD
HD TV's have a resolution of 720 pixels. They are cheaper and are the best choice if you want a TV for watching DVDs and TV shows. Smaller TV's usually have HD resolution.

2. Full HD
Full HD TV's have a resolution of 1080 pixel. This resolution is definitely much better than HD. It is the most common resolution for HDTV and it allows you to watch Blu-ray movies and TV programs at very high levels of detail.

3. 4K
It is also referred to as 4K Ultra HD and it is the best resolution in the market with 2160 pixel. The images produced are very clear and detailed so you will definitely enjoy watching programs and DVDs on a TV with this resolution.

Size of The TV

1. 32-inch
They are usually preferred for homes, particularly in the bedroom, the kitchen or in small rooms. Most TV's of this size are LCD TV's and rarely LED TV's. However, there are no plasma TVs of this size.

2. 40-inch and 42-inch
They are preferred for living rooms that are of average size. They can also be placed in the bedrooms which are not very small. They are versatile as well.

3. 46-inch and 47-inch
They are also recommended for averaged-sized living-rooms. Most TV's of this size are LED TV's and as seen earlier, they are very good in colour, contrast, weight and clarity of images.

4. 50-inch and 55-inch
These TV's are usually preferred for creating a home cinema. TV's of this size can have HD and 4K Ultra HD resolution. LED and plasma TVs of this size are the most common in the market.

5. 60-inch and above
If you have a really large living room or want to create a home cinema, this TV size or higher is the best choice. Additionally, they can also be used in media rooms. Of course, when you buy such a TV make sure you know where to place it since it is not very easy to move around. Hence, it needs a permanent position or a position in which it will not be frequently moved.

Refresh Rate of the TV

The higher the refresh rate of a TV the better the picture. TVs with low refresh rates usually display blurry images when fast-moving scenes come up. If we take an example of a TV with a refresh rate of 60Hz, it means the picture will be rebuilt 60 times in a second thus making it smoother.

For TVs with a low refresh rate, there may be some technology included in order to create a smoother picture since the refresh rate is not the only factor that determines whether picture is smooth or not.

3D or 2D TV

3D TVs are high quality HDTVs and they promote flexibility in viewing. In addition to the regular content, you can also watch 3D video games, 3D Blu-ray movies and 3D TV programming. Most 3D TV's come with 3D glasses. 3D TVs can also play 2D content which is an advantage.

Smart TV

Smart TV's are becoming quite popular due to the additional features that allow you to surf the internet using the TV, share content with your smart phone and tablet and also get recommendations on movies and other TV programs. You can also stream music, movies and videos.

If you want to transform your HDTV to a smart TV, you can use specialized USB devices, Roku, and smart Blu-ray players among other smart products. Each of these products offers unique apps and normally subscriptions are usually paid to use the product.

So before making a final decision, consider the size of the room you want to place your TV in, if you want to do more with the TV other than viewing regular TV content and the type of picture quality that you are comfortable with.

TV on Finance with Bad Credit

If you're looking to buy a new TV on finance, when you apply for credit you will most likely be credit checked by the lender.

If you have a poor credit rating or if you have no credit history you may find yourself being refused for a TV on credit.

You should not immediately re-apply.

Firstly, it's good practise to check out your credit report and see what's causing the problem.
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