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Buy Now Pay Later - the #1 payment option for credit customers

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A great option for consumers that currently find themselves in a tough financial situation, preventing them from getting the goods or services that they require, is shopping through catalogues that have the feature of buying now and paying for it later.

Whether you don't want to immediately spend a lot of money or you simply cannot afford to, these great credit options make it possible for all different personality types to shop with a peace of mind. Many retailers also offer a spread the cost option at the end of the buy now pay later period allowing you to pay monthly or pay weekly.

With a spread the cost additional option you can pay in monthly or weekly installments thus breaking down a large payment into small manageable sums. Some stores also boast an interest free period. This is usually the first month but can sometimes be longer depending upon the purchase price and of course, the merchant themselves.

In order to buy now pay later, each specific retailer requires you to have a personal account with their company along with undergoing a credit check. Buy now pay later catalogues tend to have stricter credit checks than those catalogues which only offer pay monthly or weekly payment plans.

When making the choice to pay for your purchase at a later date, each individual shopper will be sent a weekly or monthly billing statement that is similar to any other type of bill (utility, for example) that is received.

Included in the statement that is mailed to each customer is a list of each item that has been ordered, a total account balance showing what is currently owed, the date that the next payment is due, the next payment amount to be paid and what has already been paid against the account balance.

Not only do these great, pay later options prove to be very helpful for a ton of different consumers, but they also sell some of the top brand names in the retail industry like AX Paris, Changes Boutique, Beach to Beach, Blue Wahoo, Joe Brown, Melissa Odabash, Gok Wan, Apple, Toshiba, Laura Ashley, LG, Cushion Walk, Armani, Christian Dior, Clinique, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Levis, Samsung and many, many more.

Credit provided is subject to successful credit and affordability checks.

Being able to delay payment on expensive items is a god send. In a lot of cases, we buy because we need something and we usually need it immediately. Buy now pay later is ideal in this situation.
Naturally, as with all credit plans, there are always interest charges to watch out for. Another problem some of us may face is knowing what you can afford to pay back and what you can't.
The majority of catalogues offer this finance plan although the periods vary greatly, it usually depends upon the products you buy too. Some retailers also have an interest free period!
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