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Pay Weekly Catalogues - break up the cost even more!

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For consumers that don't want to spend a lot of money at one time or have a less than fortunate financial situation, a great way to purchase new merchandise is through a wide array of different pay weekly shopping catalogues. A large number of these weekly payment stores are also pretty lenient in regards to their credit checks. Many customers who have no credit history or a bad credit rating have found themselves getting approved for a pay weekly credit account.

Simply by visiting one of these convenient online stores, you will be able to browse their large assortment of products to find the right items for you. In addition, when you find the catalogue that has what you're looking for, just fill out a credit application, create a personal account and start shopping.

Interestingly, the amount of pay weekly catalogues that are on the market will absolutely amaze you. There is basically a catalogue for virtually every specific piece of merchandise that you could ever want including home appliances, menswear, gender specific clothing accessories, women's apparel, children's clothing, footwear, sunglasses, furniture, electricals, jewellery, music, gaming, garden products, healthy and beauty supplies, building materials and more.

Not only having a wide range of product categories, each specific retail catalogue also offers some of the top brand names like DKNY, Beach to Beach, Oakley, Timberland, Joe Browns, Cushion Walk, Natures Own, Legroom, Samsung, Dyson, Apple, Changes by Together, Shapely Figures, Multi Fit, Pretty Secrets, Joanna Hope and many more.

By creating a personal account with the catalogue of your choice and financing your purchases, you will be provided with a weekly statement that illustrates what is due on your account.

Specifically, each statement will list what items were purchased, the date of purchase, the amount that has already been on your account, the amount and date of your next payment date and the total balance that is still left on your account.

With a world economy that doesn't seem to be stabilizing any time soon, this shopping method is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for consumers to get the merchandise that they need.

The main benefit of paying weekly for what you buy is that it makes large purchases seem much more affordable. When you add on the interest charges you will of course be paying more than had you paid upfront, however, many people find it difficult to save and end up spending their money on other things they don't need thus wasting money anyhow. It is important to note though, if you can save, do so. It will save you money.

Credit provided is subject to successful credit and affordability checks.

Weekly payment stores let you turn a £500 TV into £5 a week contract. Many of us find it difficult to save, when we have money, we spend it. Paying weekly means that you don't have to save!
Catalogues which offer pay weekly plans have a tendency to charge higher interest rates than others. This is something you must watch out for before buying anything!
Retailers which offer pay weekly aren't that common especially interest free credit catalogues. Homebuy are a good option however, renting with Dial a TV is a great alternative.
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