What is Ambrose Wilson?

Let’s first take a look at the company itself. Ambrose Wilson is a fashion brand whose target market is women with sizes 12 through 32.

With that said, Ambrose Wilson provides clothing for women of all sizes and men too and their products aren’t limited to fashion with homeware, garden tools and electrical equipment among the 10s of 1000s of additional products available through their online store!

As for clothing, they’ve got a massive range of wide fit footwear and plus-size clothes and lingerie to choose from. Ambrose Wilson is popular because of the products they offer for many consumers regardless of their size, shape or age.

Their focus on providing high quality plus-size fashion also makes them especially popular among their target market.

How Does Ambrose Wilson’s Credit Account Work?

A credit account works on the principle that you can make purchases without paying the total cost upfront. However, each credit account is unique. So let’s take a look at how the Ambrose Wilson credit account functions in particular.

To sign up, you’ll need to fill out an online form in which you’ll be asked for details such as your name, email address and phone number. The application process features a credit check.

What Products Do Ambrose Wilson Offer in its Catalogue?

The most important consideration when deciding whether to sign up to any given shopping credit account is what items are on sale!

You’ll want to ensure that Ambrose Wilson provides the sort of products that you want.

In each of the following subsections, we’ll break down the products that Ambrose Wilson offers by category.

Of the products listed in each subsection, they are subject to price-changes and some may be available for a lot cheaper if/when they are on sale.

Women’s Clothing

One of the most popular categories available on the Ambrose Wilson site is women’s clothing.

From blouses to Ambrose Wilson dresses to swimwear, the womenswear section includes over 6500 items of clothing! The brands featured in this section include Monsoon, Nightingales, Hot Diamonds and Joanna Hope.


There are over 2700 footwear products sold on the Ambrose Wilson website from brands such as Cushion Walk, Dr Martens, Adidas and Skechers.

They sell plenty of plus-size footwear for both men and women. Their footwear products include shoes, boots, trainers, slippers and wellies.


Ambrose Wilson sells around 2000 lingerie items including those from popular brands like Berlei, Glamorise, Pretty Secrets and Bestform.

Health and Beauty

Ambrose Wilson also has a fabulous range of health and beauty products including fragrances, skincare products and hair care/styling products.

There are almost 3000 items in this section which includes those from brands such as Dior, Chanel, L’Oreal, Maybelline and Sally Hansen.

Men’s Clothing

While Ambrose Wilson focuses mainly on plus-size womenswear, there are over 3700 menswear products on their site also.

This section includes men’s t-shirts, sportswear, coats & jackets, jeans, joggers and blazers from brands like Adidas, Clarks, Timberland, Skechers and Wranglers.

Home and Garden

If you’re looking for homeware or garden tools, Ambrose Wilson has a selection of over 6300 home and garden products!

This includes bedding, cookware, rugs & mats, tableware, small appliances, lighting, garden furniture, outdoor lighting and lawnmowers.


There is also a great electrical section with more than 4000 products available! These items include phones, smart tech, tablets, laptops, PCs, air treatment, home cinemas and TVs.


Lastly, we have the gifts section which currently appears as a Christmas section on the website, as of December 2020. Among the gift types offered as part of this category are food & drink, novelty gifts, personalised gifts, books, gadget gifts, candles & holders and party games & trivia. There are nearly 1400 products in this section to choose from!

What Ambrose Wilson Catalogue Deals are Available?

We all love to benefit from discounts when we can and thankfully Ambrose Wilson offers a good range of short and long-term deals online. Firstly, with an Ambrose Wilson credit account you can buy now and pay later while also enjoying a 25% discount on your first order!

For loyal customers who are eligible to join the Ambrose Wilson VIP Club, you can receive loyalty rewards such as a 15% or 25% discount on a new order.

In addition, for just £9.95 a year, you can enjoy unlimited delivery for purchases you make on their website. There is also the option of free click & collect for orders of £40 or more. Beyond that, Ambrose Wilson provides short-term deals throughout the year.

So keep an eye on their website and watch out for each new Ambrose Wilson sale as they appear as well as any new Ambrose Wilson discount codes!

Benefits of Shopping at Ambrose Wilson

There are a mix of pros and cons when it comes to buying products with Ambrose Wilson. You should take both on board when deciding whether an Ambrose Wilson credit account is right for you. First, let’s dissect the advantages.

Money off Your First Order

As discussed, there is a 25% discount on your first order when you make purchases on credit with Ambrose Wilson. This discount is a nice addition to the short-term advantage of purchasing products on credit without the need to pay anything upfront.

Clothes Designed to Fit Fuller Figures

Ambrose Wilson puts an emphasis on providing fashionable and flattering clothing for the plus-size market. With Ambrose Wilson, there are sizes for everyone regardless of their age or figure. Among the items they sell are womenswear for sizes 12-32.

More Time to Pay for Items with a Credit Account

The most obvious advantage of using a credit account with Ambrose Wilson is that you can make purchases now and pay the total in instalments over a several month period. That means, you’ll save money in the short-term.

So if you’re strapped for cash but are eager to get some new clothes or do some gift shopping, you should consider using an Ambrose Wilson credit account. It will cost you more in the long-term though because of the added interest.

However, with 0% interest to pay until March 2021, as of now, you probably won’t be losing out financially for at least several months after making your first purchases on credit.

Disadvantages of Shopping at Ambrose Wilson

As with any online credit account, there are also disadvantages which you’ll need to take into consideration. Let’s break down some key examples.

Standard Interest Rate of 39.96% is paid on Outstanding Balances

Ff you miss any payments, there’ll be an additional interest charge added to your outstanding balance.

Not only will this cost you more as an Ambrose Wilson customer but it could negatively affect your credit rating thus reducing your chances of successfully applying for buy now, pay later catalogues in the future.

Before applying for an Ambrose Wilson credit account, it’s important that you’re sure you’ll be able to make the payments on time.

Credit and Affordability Checks and Required

Another downside to using an Ambrose Wilson credit account is that there are credit and affordability checks as part of the application process. This means that if you have a poor credit rating, there is a strong chance that your application will be rejected.

Credit Limits

Unfortunately, there is a maximum amount for which you can make purchases on credit and that is £400. This is still a reasonably high limit when compared to its competition but it is not a suitable option if you’d rather spend, say, £1000 or more on credit.

If you want to purchase more on credit, you should consider taking out a small loan or using a credit card. In both cases, you’d also face a lower interest rate, so long as you can make your payments on time.

What Payment Methods Do Ambrose Wilson Accept?

There are several different ways that you can meet your monthly payments when using an Ambrose Wilson credit account. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

Direct Debit

Firstly, there is the popular method of paying by direct debit. You can set up this as a monthly payment via your Ambrose Wilson online account. Either you can choose to pay a set amount of your liking (once it is at least the minimum payment), the minimum payment or the entire balance for each of your monthly statements until your debt + interest is cleared.

It will appear under the name ‘JD Williams’ on your bank statement. With the help of customer support, you can amend or cancel your direct debit payment at any point. However, in this case, if you have anything left to pay, you’ll need to set up a new payment method before the next payment is due.

Credit or Debit Card

Regardless of the type of the card you have, it's relatively easy to set up payment by this method. You can do so via your Ambrose Wilson online account, or by phoning them through their automated payment service. Payments by credit card may come with a 1.5% handling charge. This method is one of the more popular payment options.

Continuous Payment Authority

A Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) is an option that allows you to pay off your debt by text message. You must have a smartphone to use this method.

This approach involves Ambrose Wilson sending you a text message to your phone with a link to a secure payment page. Once you make the first payment, there are two ways of moving forward.

CPA options for remaining payments:

  • Allow Ambrose Wilson to keep a record of your card details, therefore allowing future payments to be made automatically every 28 days.
  • Let Ambrose Wilson send you a fresh payment link ahead of each payment due date, meaning that your card details will not be stored.

You’ll need to get in touch with Ambrose Wilson in order to set up a CPA. You can cancel your CPA at any point, if you wish to change to another payment method instead. There may be delays in setting up a CPA due to Covid-19 and its impact on the speed at which customer service will be able to respond to your query.

Can I Open an Ambrose Wilson Credit Account with Bad Credit?

While not all credit account applications will be rejected on the basis of poor credit, unfortunately, most, including Ambrose Wilson will likely reject your application if you have bad credit.

Credit rating is one of the most important criteria when applying for an Ambrose Wilson credit account. If you’d like to open a credit account, thankfully there are a range of catalogues for those with bad credit including Yes Catalogue and the Savvy Benefits Cards.

How Does Ambrose Wilson’s Delivery and Return Policies Work?

We’ll now take a look at the delivery and return policies offered by Ambrose Wilson. As mentioned, you can enjoy unlimited delivery for just £9.95 a year.


This, as with any delivery option may still come with supplementary charges on any given delivery. Standard delivery costs £3.50 and your orders should arrive within 3-7 working days, should you choose this option.

If you’d like a fast delivery, you can pay just £4.50 and your items will likely arrive within just 48 hours. Click & Collect is free for orders of £40 or more.


Amborse Wilson UK allows you to return your purchases within 60 days as part of their new extended returns policy. There are plenty of ways you can return your items. For instance, you could do so by courier.

Alternatively, you could return them via the Post Office, myHERMES PARCELSHOP or ASDA to You. For promotional purchases, you must return all items that were purchased as part of the offer. In all cases, you will need a receipt in order to get refunded for the items you purchased. It should take about 14 days for a return to be fully processed.


Now that you know the features and pros & cons of the Amber Wilson catalogue, you’re fully equipped with the knowledge needed to decide whether this is the right catalogue for you, and if it is what you might use it for!

In this review, we’ve broken down the various products featured on the Amber Wilson website and looked. We also looked at range of additional topics such as what payment methods are available with an Amber Wilson credit account and what their delivery and return policies are.


Q: What checks are required for an Ambrose Wilson credit account?

A: The application process features a credit check and affordability check.

Q: How long does it take to complete an application for an Ambrose Wilson credit account?

A:: It should take a few minutes to fill out the form. If successful, you may receive approval the same.

Q: Can I pay by standing order?

A: Yes. This is one of four payment options offered by Ambrose Wilson.

Q: Is there a limit to how much credit I can get?

A: Yes, the assumed credit limit is £400.

Q: Do I start paying interest right away?

A: As of November 2020, you will not need to pay any interest until March 2021!


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