What is Grattan?

Founded in 1912 by John Enrico Fattorini, in Bradford, West Yorkshire Grattan was bought by Next plc for 300 million pounds in 1986. By the 1990s Grattan was the UK's fourth-largest catalogue company with 13% of the mail-order market.

Today, Grattan offers huge discounts on a range of fashion and footwear, homes and electrical items so that you can save money all year round.

Primarily a digital retailer, generating 75% of transactions online, 60% of those are made via mobile devices. Grattan has over 2 million active customers with nearly 2 million visits to its websites every week, delivering more than 10 million products every year.

Grattan's target market are those customers who do not wish to shop in-store and want the convenience of the home of click and direct delivery at a convenient time.

To ensure you find what you are looking for, you can shop via category, size and price. You will also have access to Grattan's sister sites, including Curvissa, Swimwear365 and more when searching for a specific item, so you are always guaranteed to find something you like.

Grattan also provide a 14-day home approval service which ensures customers are entirely satisfied with the service given. However, if this is not the case, you can send any items back via Grattan's easy-to-use return services.

At Grattan, you can apply for a credit account, which offers you the chance to spread out the cost of your purchase, while also allowing you to keep track of your orders and transactions.

How Does Grattan's Credit Account Work?

You can open a flexiway account with Grattan via the checkout option where you can register for an online account which will enable you to spread out the cost of your purchase and pay at a later date. By logging in to 'My Account', you can manage your account at all times.

When applying for a flexiway account, you will be subject to eligibility checks. Only UK residents who are over the age of 18 can apply for an account, although you may also be knocked back if you have a significantly bad credit rating.

If your application is successful with Grattan, you can:

Change Your Details

Select 'View Personal Details' and find the 'Edit Details' option. This includes your name, address and contact info, which if amended, will be updated within just 24 hours.

View All of Your Statements

To view your account statement, you need to select 'My Statements' to view all of your statements from the beginning.

Look at Your Account Balance

Find ‘Account Summary’, where you can assess your account balance and check to see when the next payment is required.

Track your Orders

In the “View Order History’ section you can look at your last thirty orders and check how long your delivery will take to arrive.

Organise a Return

Go to 'Book & Track your Returns' where you can schedule a collection on a certain date or print off a label. You can also check the status of an existing return to ensure it has been received.

Set up Payments

As a flexiway account holder, you can set up a direct debit with a specific amount to make sure no payments are missed.

What Products Do Grattan Offer in its Catalogue?

Grattan UK supply a wide range of premium-quality products including items from designer brands. They stock everything from clothes and footwear to homeware and gifts. Grattan also offer premium brands and electrical items at discounted prices.

Grattan online catalogue also stocks stylish and on-trend women’s fashion from reputable brands including Monsoon, French Connection, Coast and Thomas Sabo. They also stock products for every season including outerwear from Barbour and swimwear from Buffalo.

Grattan also stocks footwear from top names such as Dr. Martens, Sketchers, Nike and more. Other popular products available at Grattan include:


Some of the most popular menswear products includes the range of clothing and footwear from Adiddas’ Performance collection that is perfect for a day at the gym or at home. For an evening look, there are plenty of options available in the ‘Tailoring’ section where men can find the perfect fit for trousers, shirts, blazers and more.

New In

The ‘New In’ section is constantly being updated with with 100s of products and styles include clothing, footwear, homewares, electrical items, kids gift and more.

Child and Baby

Grattan stocks an array of products for girls, boys and babies including the latest fashion for little ones as well as plenty of toys to keep them entertained.


Whether you are looking for an educational game for your child or on the lookout for a specific Christmas or birthday present, Grattan will have something you need in its toy department.

Sport and Leisure

Whether you enjoy working out in the gym or at home, Grattan stocks a wide range of sports clothing and equipment which is perfect for women, men and children.


At Grattan, you will also find a wide selection of tech products, including everything from small kitchen appliances to smart TVs and more which are guaranteed to keep the whole family entertained.

House and Garden

Grattan also stock a wide selection of home and garden products which are all ideal if you are planning to spruce up a bedroom or your exterior. In this section, you will find everything from curtains and cupboards to garden décor and outdoor lighting.

Before purchasing any of the above products, you may want to take a look at the genuine reviews which are left by customers, so you know what your buying is worthwhile.

What Grattan Catalogue Deals Are Available?

Grattan UK offer 25% off purchases if you open a personal account. To gain access to the discount all you need to do is enter the code J3JP at checkout under the promo codes section.

Grattan offer codes allow you to take advantage of seasonal discounts and promotions as well as any complimentary gift offers.

Yearly discounts are normally offered in Black Friday and January sales, as well as holiday deals around Easter and Christmas. This may include deals such as three items for the price of two, or buy one get one free offers.

Grattan also offer occasional 'free standard delivery' codes which will deduct the standard rate of £3.99 from the delivery charge on your order. This is normally only applicable when you have over a certain amount for an order, so keep this in mind before making a purchase.

You may also gain access to 'free next day delivery' offer codes which will remove the cost of the standard delivery charge as well as the extra £2.00 for next day delivery, as long as the product your buying can be delivered the next day.

Benefits of Shopping at Grattan

There are numerous benefits of shopping at Grattan, the first being the fact that they only stock high-quality items and provide accurate product descriptions which helps shoppers make the right purchases.

If you are unhappy with a product, you can return it as long as it is sent back in the same condition that it was received. You can also benefit from the buy now pay later options which allow you to try out products without having to pay, so if you do plan on returning them you will not have to pay a penny.

Opening a personal account with Grattan will also enable you to benefit from 25% off your first credit order. You can also spread out the cost of your purchase, which will make shopping much more affordable, especially for Christmas and birthdays.

Some products at Grattan qualify for VAT relief, which reduces the cost of products, including text telephones, long-handled pick-up sticks, some mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

Disadvantages of Shopping at Grattan

There are some disadvantages to consider before opening a personal credit account with Grattan. This includes credit history checks, as companies like Grattan can gain access and review other financial agreements such as mobile phone contracts and utility bills to check your previous credit record.

If they find any discrepancies, they may decline your personal account application or will only offer you a low credit limit.

Another drawback to shopping online with Grattan is that it takes up a lot more time than it would to buy in-store. This is because store purchases can be bought and taken home immediately, however, online shopping tends to take longer and can be unreliable during busy times.

Inputting your personal details is also a risky drawback, as despite the security of Grattan’s site, there are still some risks regarding fraud and identity theft. However, with Grattan’s online system you don’t need to worry too much, just make sure your email and passwords are strong.

What Payment Methods Do Grattan Accept?

Grattan accepts numerous payment methods including:

  • Major credit cards, including MasterCard, and Visa
  • Company credit account

The way you pay will depend on whether you have a Grattan personal account or not.

Customers Without a Personal Account

Anyone without a Grattan personal account, can simply purchase an item by paying in full with a debit or credit card.

Personal Account Customers

Opening a Grattan personal account will allow you to gain access to various payment methods, such as:


One of the easiest ways to pay with a Grattan personal account is via the ‘My Account’ section where you can input your card details and make payments when you wish.


Quickserv is a smart automated push-button service which allows you to make payments over the phone. All you need to do is quote your Quickserv reference number which can be found on any Grattan statements.

Direct Debit

To prevent missed payments, you could set up a Direct debit by logging into your account and clicking on the Direct Debit button and inputting your account number and sort code.

You can also choose a specific amount to pay each month which will be taken from your bank account automatically.

Internet Banking

You can make payments via your online banking app. All you need to do is sent a specific amount to Grattan’s sort code and account number, along with your account number as the reference.

Make a payment online but remember to quote your account number as a reference.

Bank Giro

Grattan sends out Bank Giro slips along with personal account statements. The slips can be used to make payments via your bank branch.


You can also opt to make payments via cheque which should be made payable to Grattan. This could be paid into your bank or the Post Office, although for the latter you need to make sure you make it payable to Post Office Counters Ltd.

You should also write your account number on the other side of the cheque.

Can I Open an Grattan Account with Bad Credit?

When applying for a Grattan personal account, you will be subject to eligibility checks. Therefore, anyone with bad credit may struggle to be accepted or will not be given a good credit limit if the application is successful.

Grattan may also contact credit check agencies to source information regarding previous credit purchases such as mobile phone contracts. If you have missed any payments, this will typically affect your credit score which may result in a declined application with Grattan.

How Does Grattan's Delivery and Return Policies Work?

Grattan typically offer an Annual Delivery Pass which offers 12-months free standard delivery. However, due to complications and delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Annual Delivery Pass service has been temporarily suspended.

For standard delivery, you should expect to pay £3.99 with delivery expected in two to four working days. This service is offer seven days a week with deliveries running from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm and 10am to 5pm on a Sunday.

You can also choose a specific day and time for delivery for the same price, which is ideal if you are working or running an errand.

For larger items, you could be charged anywhere from £10 to £25, especially if a team of two or a consignment serviced is required.

Grattan delivers to UK postcodes as well as Northern Ireland addresses. However, the latter is not eligible for next day and stated delivery services as well as any other non-mainland areas within the UK.

If an item is unsuitable, then you will need to fill in the returns home that came with your package and select a reason for the return. You should then stick on the label provided or print off another one from via your account.

To return the item, you can schedule a Hermes collection or drop your parcel off at a nearby Hermes ParcelShop. If you do not have a printer, someone at the ParcelShop will be able to print a label for you.


We hope this article answers all of your questions regarding Grattan’s products, personal credit account and additional services. Hopefully, after reading this you will be able to make the right decision about Grattan and whether it is the right online retailer for you.


Q: Do I need to have good credit to apply for a Grattan credit account?

A: Grattan conduct eligibility checks on anyone application for a credit account with them. Therefore, if you have bad credit, your application may be rejected, as this will reflect your inability to make repayments on time.

Q: How do I open a personal credit account with Grattan?

A: To apply for a personal credit account with Grattan, all you need to do is add any items you wish to purchase to your basket and then select personal account as the payment method at checkout.

You will then need to fill in an application form and once this is complete, Grattan will respond and let you know if you have been successful with your application.

Q: Does Grattan offer free gifts?

A: Yes, Grattan offers complimentary gift offers on certain orders. To claim your free gift, you will have to spent a certain amount of purchase a specific product. To find out more about Grattan’s fee gift offers, you should take a look at the terms and conditions to find if your order is eligible.

Q: Who are Grattan part of?

A: Grattan Holdings (FGH) is part of the OTTO group – one of the world's largest home shopping organisations. The group is the home of familiar brands such as Kaleidoscope, Swimwear 365, Look Again, Bonprix, Curvissa and WITT.

Q: Can I return an item to Grattan for free?

A: Yes, you will receive a return label with your package or you can print one off. Once you’ve attached the label, you can then arrange a collection with a Hermes courier or drop it off at your nearest Hermes ParcelShop.

Q: How do I close a Grattan account?

A: To close your Grattan account, all you need to do is contact Grattan’s customer service team and inform them of your decision. They will then agree to close the account as long you do not have an outstanding balance or any pending payments.


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